Safer Car Transport Industry with CSA 2010?

Auto transport professionals operating on the car transport routes of the United States and North America that have been growing more and more concerned about the growing problem with unsafe car hauling professionals on the roads will be glad to hear that CSA 2010 is going to target unsafe operators in the years ahead in the century of the environment. The American Trucking Association (ATA) has commented recently that it fully supports CSA 2010’s objective of targeting unsafe transport vehicles operating on the roads of America. They also think that there are a few problems with the current proposals included with CSA 2010 and that the agency should maybe take a look at making a few changes to the current proposals.

What kind of problems does the American Trucking Association see with the implementation of CSA 2010? Professionals in the business of transport in America have recently commented that they applaud the CSA’s focus on safety performance, rather than compliance and paperwork requirements. The association still thinks that work needs to be done on recognizing the difference between at-fault accidents on the roads of America and non-fault crashes in its performance measurement system. The association has called for crash accountability or causation determinations in transport truck involved accidents, before entering them into a car movers driving record, so that hopefully drivers and companies are only held accountable for crashes they actually cause.

This news will certainly make car shipping professionals operating on the roads of North America concerned about unsafe drivers on the roads feel a lot better when they’re on the road. This news is only one step in a long process to try to improve the safety level of the transport drivers operating on the roads of America though and a lot of work is still left to be done. Still, one good step down the road to safer transport of cars is America, is still one good step.

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