Safer to Ship Cars Along I-80 in Wyoming

A crash during auto transport is an event any driver and transport firm wants to avoid and if this means traveling a little slower along certain stretches of roads, so be it. Traveling slower along a 52-mile stretch of the I-80 between Laramie and Rawlins has been the law during the past few years, due to a speed limit of 65 miles per hour being enforced along this stretch of highway. The decrease in crashes along this stretch of the I-80 has been noticed by the Wyoming Department of Transportation and they have just installed variable speed limit signs along this 52-mile stretch of highway. Sources indicate that these variable speed limit signs will allow the Wyoming Department of Transportation to reduce speed limits by 5 mph increments to as low as 35 mph as the weather changes. This means that as auto shipping road conditions between Quealy Dome Interchange 20 miles west of Laramie and the Peterson Interchange 22 miles east of Rawlins change the department can change the speed limits in response.

The possibility of a crash is something transport firms trying to control their car shipping prices go to great lengths to avoid. The implementation of variable speed limits on the transport highways and roadways of the United States is definitely an idea that has come-of-age and we’ll certainly see more variable speed limit signs along the highways in the years ahead in the century of the environment in America. This will give state transport agencies a better way to respond to changing weather conditons and the effects this can have on the transport of vehicles to destination.

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