Ship Cars Along the Detroit-Windsor Gateway

It will be a little while before vehicle transport drivers and firms that were looking forward to using the a new, public bridge at the Windsor-Detroit gateway will have to wait a little longer, before this will be possible. The plans to build this particular transport route came up against another roadblock this week as Michigan’s Senate Majority Leader announced to the world that there would be no vote on the bridge in 2010. This is certainly news to the people that read the statements recently that there would indeed be an up and down vote in the Legislature on the plans to build the Windsor-Detroit gateway bridge during a lame duck session after the November 2 mid-term elections.

The new plans on the idea to build this bridge will now be delayed until newly elected Republican governor Rick Snyder takes over in the new year. Hopefully, once they get these plans back on track, we can get the Senate’s approval regarding the building of the Detroit-Windsor gateway, and car carriers moving along this route in the years ahead in the United States of America. At this point in time there appears to be some doubt in the minds of some transport professionals that the Windsor-Detroit gateway bridge is going to be built, but for now it appears this bridge is still in the minds of many drivers and firms that were looking forward to traveling across this bridge, once it was built.

There’s even a belief in some car haulers that we might have to put forth a new plan to build the Windsor-Detroit gateway bridge in 2011, since the current plans seem to be having trouble getting off the ground.

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