Ship Cars Using Smartphone Application

Firms car shipping to Puerto Rico have a new tool to help them in their business operations as they head down the road in the century of the environment. McLeod Software has announced the introduction of a smartphone application to help transport professionals comply with the Federal Motor Carrier Administration’s new Comprehensive Safety Analysis program. At the same time they unveiled their first application for the iPhone and Droid smartphones, during an annual conference held in Birmingham, Alaska.

McLeod Software has indicated that the new smartphone applications it has introduced allow users to integrate information into the system and distribute it to the parties in an auto shipping firm that need the information. McLeod Software’s LoadMaster Enterprise product for instance has features and functionality that allows users to manage safety and transport crashes. Sources at McLeod Software indicate that the company is currently designing enhancements to their LoadMaster Enterprise product that will incorporate the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s new Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories into the system. The next version of LoadMaster Enterprise will allow firms to keep track of each driver’s BASICS scores, well ahead of federal database updates, by allowing users to enter roadside inspection reports directly into the system as they come in from each driver.

Transport firms using McLeod Software’s LoadMaster Enterprise product to keep customers happy and improve thus improve their auto transport reviews will be happy to hear this news. They have a new, and hopefully easier way, to document the actions of their drivers and make sure they comply with CSA 2010, and this is going to probably make the job easier to accomplish in the weeks and months ahead.

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