Shipping a car, All the factors involved in shipping car

Your car is your most precious asset, may be after your house, so you are naturally very careful when it comes shipping the care. And, you know that car shipping companies transport the car for you, but which one to select?

There are many car shipping companies offering extensive services to move your car-both inland and overseas. First, get car shipping quotes from as many companies as possible. But wait, if there is fees for getting quotes forget it and move on to another company.
There are different types of car shipping like Roll on roll off, Container shipping and car transporter

Roll on Roll off (RORO)
Here the car is driven into the ship and fastened using sturdy straps. This is the method used by many car companies to ship their new cars as the car remains dry and clean. This method is cheap but you won’t be able to ship personal effects inside the car.

Container shipping
You have probably seen this type of container in movies. Yes, the car chase usually ends here. In container shipping, the cars are strapped to the floor of the container which is then moved to the ship. This is method of transport is faster and you can ship personal effects too.

Car transporter
For inland and interstate transport this is the best as Vehicle carriers move the cars. Also, door collection and delivery is possible.
What else? Always check for additional services available-without additional costs- and read the rules carefully before selecting the shipping company. Even after registering with a car shipping company, there may be delays so check the delivery date, car insurance, pick-up point beforehand and get an inspection report from the company with all the above particulars.

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