Shipping Cross Country Tips

Shipping cars cross country must be thought of carefully. There is a large number of companies which are either unlicensed or unreliable. With the auto transport industry being largely unregulated, determining which company can be trusted with the client’s possessions, regardless of value and volume. There are a number of other options available when shipping items cross country. Besides having them shipped, possessions can be packed in a trailer and having it towed by the client’s vehicle. It is also possible to rent another vehicle, such as a truck, and have the client’s vehicle towed. Finding out what the options are and which can provide the right services that are right on the budget can make the moving less stressful for anyone.

There are several steps that any individual needs to keep in mind when moving items cross country. First and foremost, a complete inventory of all possessions that need to be shipped must be made. It is important to determine the value of these possessions as it helps you decide if whether they are important to ship cross country or it may be more practical to buy a new one instead.

Document all important possessions by means of a photograph. Obtain a replacement cost only type of insurance as it replaces the item based on its value and not by its weight.

Do some research on airfare around the scheduled dates for moving. Some airline companies may be able to offer cheaper rates for the same dates. There are also airlines which allow passengers to carry a maximum luggage weight of 100 lbs. For more fragile items such as computers, individuals can opt to pay additional charges to bring the items during the flight.

Compare rates for trucks and trailers and see which ones are cheaper but provide reliable service. Research on what services companies can offer. There are companies that do the move for the client, including packing, loading and unloading while others offer the option of self shipping, which involves companies leaving a container truck at the individual’s residence. The owners are the ones responsible for the packing, loading and unloading while the company is responsible of driving the truck. It is also possible to have precise specifications and have the shipping companies bid on the project. Do the research on which companies can provide quality service for their customers. Other possible options include shipping by train or even bus.

Calculate the cost and effort in driving your own vehicle. This includes gas, food and other possible needs such as a flat tire or engine trouble.

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