Shipping vs. Driving

Most people are probably wondering, “why would I ship my car? I can just drive it! Shipping just seems so expensive.” A reasonable question, sure, but the costs that go into driving your vehicle are rather costly. Let’s assume that you need to move across the country, from Grand Rapids, MI to Houston, TX. The trip itself takes about 20 hours of driving time, straight. That just isn’t safe to drive all at once, so you’ll need to stop for a night, halfway through. That adds on a hotel expense. Plus, you’re going to have to eat at, which can get expensive. Not to mention, the sheer time expense involved. You spend two whole days, just traveling, to get your car to it’s final destination. It’s a dangerous gamble. Also, factor in the cost of gas. It’s 1200 miles, and assuming your car gets 22 miles to the gallon, that’s about 55 gallons of gas. And at the current price of $2.64 per gallon, you’re talking about another $144 in fuel costs alone. The price keeps rising as more factors get added in. When you ship your vehicle, you can have the peace of mind that your car is making it’s way to the destination, safely. And since you’re not having to travel with it, you can take care of other business necessary for your move. You would let other people handle moving your other possessions, why not do the same for your car? It’s efficient, in cost and in value.

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