Shipping Wars on A&E – N-Motion Auto Transport

Recently, A&E started a new realty show called “Shipping Wars” that follows independent shippers using USHIP to battle for loads to transport. The show gives everyday consumers a taste of how the transport world works and entertains us with the problems/headaches that all of us in the shipping industry have come to know all too well. Basically, a few carriers are followed around documenting how these people live day to day transporting goods all over America. Seeing how these people find loads on UShip, bid on them, and then race to transport the goods without damage is just a taste of how transport really works. 

Like all realty shows on tv now a days many things on the show are just for ratings and actually do not happen much in the industry. One important thing to remember when watching the show is that bidding for the loads by the carriers is a good way to see how much customers over pay by using UShip. Each week after a new episode N-Motion Auto Transport will recap what had happened for those viewers that were not able to catch it and point out the difference between using UShip and Transport Brokers. As Shipping Wars will be a new fun show to watch let’s remember that the best way for shipping is by contacting a Transport Broker.

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