Shipping Wars on A&E – Recap of Episode “Baja or Bust”

Episode 9 is jam packed full of interesting events for the transporters. Marc finds himself heading to Mexico to pick up a $100,000 award winning Baja Truck. There are strict time constraints for this load and it is important that Marc stays on schedule. He must protect this prized possession while on its way to the track for a famous race, but then runs into some problems with directions. The back roads of Tijuana aren’t as kind to Marc as he had hoped for, forcing him to get resourceful or possibly putting him out of business. He incurs many debts along the way, such as customs papers, etc. This then takes away from the big profit that he was so desperately counting on.

On another note, Scott and Susie take their boat hauling knowledge to the next level when having to transport a wooden pirate ship across the US. What would transport be without problems, right? They continued to have problems keeping the boat tied down to the trailer. With the many years of problem solving, Scott and Susie find a way to keep that old ship anchored down.

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