Shipping Wars on A&E – Recap of Episode “Tavern on the Greenbacks”

Well, here we are again with another recap of the latest episode of Shipping Wars. Roy wins a job to transport a catering food truck from NYC‘s famous restaurant, Tavern on the Green. The vehicle was supposed to be able to start and just drive right up onto the trailer, but Roy finds that not to be the case. The vehicle is now considered inoperable and he has to find another way to make it work. Being the handy man that Roy is, he takes it upon himself to rig up a winch to the trailer and pull it on. Well, this wasn’t all that was needed for the oversized food truck. After many hours of stress, Roy later finds that the buyer isn’t willing to pay for the extra work and materials that were needed to get the job done. To make matters even worse, once the vehicle was loaded onto the trailer, Roy’s trailer breaks and he then has to purchase a larger, more expensive trailer to complete the task. 

Jarrett on the other hand, wins the bid to move a 400-lb wooden African statue that should earn him some easy cash. This wasn’t the case anymore once his van breaks down again. He is then forced to find more loads along the way in order to break even, but soon finds himself having to purchase a new truck that won’t delay him in the future. All of these problems that have occurred in this episode could have been easily avoided with better communication between the two parties. N-Motion Auto Transport takes the extra time to figure out all of the logistics that are important in shipping a vehicle. It will end up costing everyone more money in the long run if things aren’t worked out before the car carrier even shows up. Here at N-Motion, with our extensive network of carefully chosen car haulers, we make sure to use the right rigs for the job. Our highly trained professionals go the extra mile to make sure that all carriers, that we use, have up to date equipment and carry the necessary cargo insurance to fully cover the entire value of each and every vehicle on the trailer.

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