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It might not be as sexy as the Porsche electric car, but Daimler’s Lumeneo subsidiary showed off an interesting one-passenger Smera electric car at the Geneva Auto Show; it might create a different framework for car transporters, for it is small enough to be racked two abreast on a standard-sized car hauler. You’d have to create a new type of car hauler with four wheel slots rather than two, but I’ve seen similar set ups for hauling golf carts, where they move them two abreast on both levels.

It’s not a family car by any stretch of the imagination, but if you’re looking for a second-car for a commuting spouse, you don’t need a ten-passenger van to drive yourself to work. When I was looking for a new car for commuting to work three years ago, I would have considered the Smera as an option, for I played with the idea of a moped or other low-power motorcycle; the Smera comes close to being an enclosed motorcycle with four wheels rather than two.

The small nature of the Smera might scare off some buyer, fearful that they’d get Smeraed all over the road if hit by a semi. The Smera might create some interesting options for urban commuters; sharing a parking space might be one of them, which might slide a few people away from mass transit. It might steal customers from more conventional-sized plug-ins, but might also slide some people up from light motorcycles; the market research for it might require throwing out a lot of automotive research models.

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