Snyder considering allowing counties to charge vehicle registration fees to raise money for roads

Gongwer News Service said that Gov. Rick Snyder’s vehicle transportation plan is allowing counties and regions to charge auto registration fees as a way to raise money for roads and public transit. On Wednesday, Governor Snyder is supposed to talk about his infrastructure plan as well as talk about the daring changes on how the state funds and maintains its road network and public transit. Some people in Snyder’s group are saying that Michigan isn’t investing enough in its roads. Keith Ledbetter the legislative affairs director for the Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association agrees and thinks that the state needs to double its $1.5 billion annual investment in order to provide the minimum level of maintenance. The plan would let counties or groups of counties to ask voters to support registration fees. It is projected to increase revenue without increasing the state’s 19 cents per gallon gasoline tax or basing a tax on mileage. The vehicle registration fees are based on a percentage of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price and vehicles produced prior to 1984 are based on weight. However, the problem with a gas tax is that revenue will decrease as cars become more fuel efficient. Car carriers would benefit because they would have better roads to drive on and less traffic to deal with in certain areas, thus reducing the time it takes to deliver a vehicle. For all of your auto moving needs, call N-Motion Auto Transport and get a FREE QUOTE.

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