Solar Powered Car Carriers

Federal environmental organizations such as the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA has quickened up the pace in administering more stringent rules to protect the environment better. More recently, the EPA is planning to release a ruling on allowable shipping emissions. The private sector is keeping up with these developments in their own ways. Toyota has created their own, a partly solar powered auto carrier. Known as the Auriga Leader, it has 328 panels built oto the ship, producing a maximum 40 kilowatts, reducing the need for additional electricity and essentially reducing the amount of pollution it produces.
The Auriga Leader is 60,000 ton ship that is able to transport a maximum of 6,200 Toyota, Scion and Lexus cars from their main base in Japan to showrooms in Long Beach California. This integration is a sign of progress in the right direction. According to the executive director of the Long Beach Port Richard Steinke, it is essential to use more sustainable technologies in the bid to staying globally competitive. EPA appears to acknowledge and agree with this progress towards environmental sustainability, stating that reducing emissions shows that the American administration is serious with regards to safeguarding the health of its current and future generations as well as the environment.

This is a small step but an essential one. Large carrier ships for passenger, cargo as well as oil tankers produce an immense amount of pollution, more true with the increasing amount of demand and use of the ports. With this as well as the implementation of the proposal from the EPA, there would be significant improvement in health felt, not just limited to the ports and coastlines in the United State.

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