Speedy Siberian Shipments

Delivery times for high-value auto parts and electronics from East Asia to Europe are going to arrive 30 days sooner because Russia’s largest privately owned train company is tapping the world’s longest rail network. Four carriers a day are running from the Vostochny port in order to transport goods for customers from Japan, China and Korea. Also, they transport goods for one of South Korea’s biggest car companies, Hyundai Motor Co. By using the 6,000 mile Trans- Siberian railway, N-Trans plans to steal time-sensitive and high-value shipments away from maritime routes. An analyst at Maritime Strategies International Ltd stated that the volumes that can be hauled by train are much lower than on the smallest container ships. He also believes that one of the drivers for the Trans-Siberian venture is a solution to the congestion in St. Petersburg and the Russian ports. Hyundai is one of the customers that ships parts to a Russian factory, which has caused them to amplify their output. The Vostochny port has direct access to the Trans-Siberian railway and 85 percent of cargo is being moved by train. The overland route is a way for returning empty containers from Europe to East Asia.

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