Suspected Pirate Killed, The fight against piracy

The cost of piracy is a subject that has been on the minds of more and more international car shipping firms and overseas shipping companies and apparently a few have started to hire private security to protect their valuable ships and their freight loads. The price of piracy also took the life of a suspected pirate Tuesday as private security hired to protect the Panama-flagged freight carrier Almezaan fired warning shots at individuals they believed were about to try to board the ship. The suspected pirates apparently returned after being warned-off and this time the private security fired at the suspected pirates and their boat, killing one suspect in the defensive action. The battle wasn’t over though as Spanish naval forces were in pursuit and would eventually sink the ship the pirates are suspected of coming from and arresting six suspected pirates.

This is certainly unfortunate news, especially with the pirates returning after being fired upon, which means they’re becoming a little more brazen in their piracy attacks upon vessels and maybe becoming a little more desperate in their economic position. It does appear that the pirates have unwittingly created an increase in business for private security firms of the world that offer services to overseas shipping companies. In fact, we can certainly expect private security firms to begin designing security solutions specifically for shipping services, considering the opportunity that they must see before them. The new security measures they’ll devise will certainly be good news for international shipping that has been suffering under the threat of piracy for years now. The new security measures are going to mean new business costs will have to be absorbed by shipping lines and they’ll certainly have to pass these costs onto the customer.

The best thing might be that it could get governments of the world to start taking a little more positive action in the battle to combat piracy on the open oceans. This of course could be a dream considering the problems that are inherent in such a plan, but even the ocean freight industry can dream.

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