Take 3, They’re Small, A Look at Take 3 Trailers

I can get major “husband points” if I bring home Blue Bell ice cream. Blue Bell is based out of Brenham, TX; the old ad copy had “The Cows think Brenham is Heaven.” That came to mind as I continued to review car-transport trailer makers. Take 3 Trailers is based out of Brenham as well. Dave Brubeck already took Take 5 and Take 6 was already taken by a good gospel/jazz group, so they had to set their name sights lower.

However, a Take 3 can take five or six car haulers, or even seven with optional equipment. Most of their models are single-level haulers, but they do have a Six Pac hauler. That could be problematic when you pull through the weigh station and tell the state’s finest that you “picked up a Six Pac at my last stop.”

The lack of Great Lakes dealers that I saw in Cottrell isn’t a problem. They have dealers in Coruna, MI and Lima, OH on the I-75 corridor and in Morris, IL along I-80 west of Joliet. Interestingly, they have few dealers in the southwest, with only a dealer in Mt. Pleasant, TX between Florida and Arizona; the Northeast is another hole in their dealer network.

Take 3 also seems to cover truck supplies for everything from pickups on up to your Class 8 semis; this page has grill guards and other accessories to trick out your Texas Cadillac.

They may not have the scope of Cottrell, but they seem to have a broad range of trailers that fit every niche; the one weak spot is that the Six Pac is the only large car hauler that they have in their trailer line.

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