The Car Shipping Women of America

Women are definitely a bigger presence in the car transporter business in the United States of America in the century of the environment. Finding data and information on the exact number of women that are currently working in the industry is a difficult task, but statistics collected by the United States Department of Labor indicates that there were about 1,319,000 women working in the transport industry of America in 2008. This would mean that about 15 percent of the workers transporting goods in the United States in 2008, were women, but this of course tells us nothing about how many women are actually in the business of moving cars to destination in America. The data provided by the Department of Labor also indicates that almost 5 percent of these women-of-transport are drivers, which is about 166,000 female transport drivers.

How many of these women truckers are driving an auto transport? This is a difficult question to answer considering we could find no actual data on this question. Companies in the business of transporting cars in the United States of America will certainly have data on this subject and it’s probably only a matter of time before somebody compiles this information. Sources did indicate that there are currently 139,343 women registered in the United States as an owner of a transport company, but the number of these professional women that are working in the business of transporting cars wasn’t included.

The one thing we would bet on is that women are going to become an even bigger presence in the transport and vehicle shipping business in the United States of America in the years ahead in the century of the environment. This is going to change the transport industry in ways that should make the trip fun, entertaining and possibly quite enlightening.

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