The Difference between Enclosed Transport & Open Transport

Open Transport:

Open car carriers are open to the elements, such as dust & weather conditions.  However, open transport is the typical type of service offered in the auto transport industry.  If you have ever seen those big rigs on the road with all of the cars on the trailer, those are open carriers.  These carriers range from 8 to 10 cars on average.  Some carriers have F350s with wedge trailers on the back that accommodate 2 to 4 cars (usually for inoperable vehicles, large vehicles, short distances, and freight.)  This method of transportation is cheaper than the enclosed route because there are far more open carriers regularly available.  More people choose open transport because of the availability and cost effectiveness, but enclosed is the way to go when you have an exotic vehicle, show car, race car or a vehicle of extreme sentimental value

Enclosed Transport:

With N-Motion Auto Transport’s enclosed auto transport, your vehicle is completely protected. You will not have to worry about dust, weather, rocks or debris from the road when you ship your vehicle in an enclosed transport. Once your automobile is loaded, it will stay on the same truck until it is delivered. We provide door-to-door shipping where available and do not use terminals. We offer personal service to our clients, keeping them in touch directly with our dispatch at all times. N-Motion Auto Transport takes pride in shipping in an enclosed transport and in providing extraordinary service.

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