The K Line Fleet of Car Carriers, Fleets of car carriers, Car Haulers

One of the most recognized line of supersized car hauler vessels in the world and one that can be seen quite often in American ports is the K Line fleet of supersized vessels. They’ll be easily distinguished from the other ships by the double stacked red containers that will be displayed across the deck of the ship.

The K Line also has a fleet of grain carriers and bulk carriers that make runs up and down the coastline of the United States and around the world, bringing the goods into and out of the ports of America that are delivered by rail and truck.
The 84 car haulers of the K Line can be seen delivering big and small vehicles from various ports around the world and big pieces of equipment and heavy machinery on a daily basis in many American ports. In total the K Line fleet moves millions of vehicles back and forth across the oceans of the world and represents one of the largest fleets of ships dedicated to bringing the cars Americans drive into the ports of the United States.

The K Line is one of the most modern car hauler fleets in the world and implements a damage prevention strategy that’s renowned around the industry for its effectiveness at keeping cargo safe and undamaged during transport. This is one of the most important aspects of transporting cars to market as the value of cargo can go down considerably if damaged.

The Positive Leader and the Michigan Highway are two K Line fleet ships that can often be seen bringing cars into American ports from across the oceans. These two ships are capable of carrying thousands of vehicles at one time and span a distance of close to 200 yards when you look down the side of one of these huge car carriers. If you sit and watch and are observant you’ll notice that once they unload the ship, it sits quite a bit higher in the water, which is a testament to how much weight is carried on one of these vessels.

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