The Obama Admin Announces Medium & Heavy Truck Fuel Economy Standards

Obamas program is said to make trucks, buses, and other large vehicles more fuel-efficient and save these companies roughly $50 billion in gas over the programs life span. Many people’s reactions to the program’s proposal were/are positive ones. From 2014 to 2018, oil consumption will be a projected reduction of 530 million barrels. This will immediately impact the reduction of greenhouse gases as well, by about 270 million metric tons. Obama was given the idea by the hard working engine manufactures and drivers of these large trucks. The question was brought up: “If we are focusing so hard to improve the efficiency of everyday driver vehicles, why shouldn’t the larger trucks that actually move around the US everyday have a fuel-efficiency program.” These trucks are a major part of the ozone depletion and need just as many regulations, if not more, than passenger vehicles. This program, in no way, is negative because it adds an additional cost of about $6,000 to the purchase of these vehicles while in return saves about $73,000 a year in fuel costs. This will also make it even more efficient for vehicle shipping and car haulers . ATA CEO Bill Graves proposed, in addition to this program, that vehicles be limited to a speed of 65 mph and that trucks be governed at that speed.

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