Three Reasons to Ship Your Car When You Move, Minimize Hassles and Frustration

Long distance moves, especially moving to another state, is no small feat. Coordinating efforts to get all of your property organized, packed and shipped is a massive undertaking. It’s not like you can just turn around and run back to the old house if you forget something. Smart movers eliminate as many obstacles to a smooth move as possible. One thing that can make your move goes more smoothly is to have your car shipped.

Once a service reserved for car dealerships and auto manufacturers, auto shipping is becoming a popular service for movers looking to minimize frustrations during their moves. Some families ship all their vehicles, including motorcycles, boats and other recreational motor conveyances.

Shipping your car is especially useful if you elect to drive a rented moving van yourself. Pulling your car behind you in a box truck that is unfamiliar to you is a recipe for trouble. Factors like wind, road curves, wet roads and other hazards can cause the towed car to swerve, pulling the rental truck all over the road. Its simply safer to ship a car.

Having a second driver operate the car behind you makes for a lonely drive. And communicating by phone with the other driver is dangerous, even illegal in some states. Shipping your car lets you both relax as you travel together to your new home, knowing your car will be there for you when you arrive.

If you have a second family car, towing isn’t an option and getting two extra drivers is likely to be difficult. In this instance, auto shipping is a no-brainer. Transporting your car by auto transport companies means you only have to worry about the moving truck. The convenience of having your vehicles delivered to your destination makes the entire moving process easier and less stressful.

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