Tips for Hassle Free Auto Transportation

To ensure that transportation of your vehicle goes smoothly there are a few guidelines that you should follow. Give the auto transport company a contact number where you can easily be reached. This will make the process a lot easier. If you are moving and are in between homes and work it is important to have another number where you can be contacted.

Make a note of all the details of your vehicle and communicate these to the auto transport company. If there are any changes to the vehicle that may hinder the transport process make sure that the company is aware of these. If there are any special additions that you have made to your vehicle you should remove them if you can or at least ensure that the additional items are secure. You should also ensure that your vehicle is in running order as when the auto transport companies comes to pick up your car if it is not in running order this will create additional hassles. Check that your battery is fitted securely.

It is essential to ensure that the ground clearance of your vehicle is valid. You should also check that the height of your vehicle does not exceed the limit specified by the auto transport company.

Alarm systems should be deactivated before the car shipping company collects your vehicle. The auto transport company should be given all the devices and keys that are needed to start your vehicle. Another helpful tip is that your vehicle should not have a full tank of fuel as this adds weight to the vehicle and can increase the cost of transport depending on what method you are using.

Make sure that you have removed all your personal possessions from the vehicle. It is important not to leave anything valuable in the vehicle as this is not covered by insurance.

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