Transit Times for Car Shipping

Transit time for car shipping can be one of the most frustrating elements of the whole process.  In the auto transport industry, everything is considered to be on an estimated time basis because when driving so many miles across country, there are several different factors that come in to play.  On a smaller level, think about when you have to drive to work in the morning.  There are many variables that can hinder you from being there on time: i.e. traffic, weather, mechanical problems, etc.  Now, extend that drive by about 1,000 miles and you can see the amount of things that can happen along the way.  The glory of using an auto shipping expert is that they have driven these routes time in and time out, minimizing the occurrence of problems along the way.  Any company that guarantees a specific pickup time, they are either not being truthful or they utilize terminals.  You will never want to use terminals because that is where trans-loading comes into play.  Trans-loading is where your vehicle gets loaded and unloaded several times.  This becomes a problem because there is more opportunity for damage. 

Some rules of thumb for transit times are as follows: For cross country auto transport, you will be looking at about 7-10 days.  For mid-America transport the time needed is about 5-7 days and for instate transports the time needed will be between 1-3 days.  Different states call for different times due to size and accessibility, along with the amount of car carriers traveling through the area.

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