Transport Vehicle Sales up 84 percent in May

Automobile transport professionals that like to use the most recent sales numbers of heavy-duty transport vehicles as a indicator of the current and future health of the auto transport industry will probably smile when they hear the news? The number of heavy-duty Class 8 transport vehicles sold in May increased by 84 percent in May 2010, when compared to the numbers of trucks sold last year, according to sources in the transport industry. This is the third straight month that heavy-duty truck sales have increased when compared to the same months in 2009 and this news is making some car transporters think that maybe the car shipping business could be about to make a rebound. Car transport services purchasing new trucks for their fleets is great news for the car hauling industry in general and it could just be a matter of timing, but hopefully the belief that the business of car movers is about to increase is correct and this news means that firms believe that business is about to improve.

The ‘move car‘ to destination industry of the United States still has quite a few hurdles before it, but hopefully this news is just what the business of vehicle transportation in American needs to get it going down the road to increased volumes and revenues  The pendulum in the business of shipping cars for auto shipping firms appears to be trying to swing in the other direction and demand for new transport vehicles to do the job is one sign that business could be about to improve significantly in the months ahead in the century of the environment. Hopefully, this is the case and in a few months time were looking back and smiling.

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