Truck Companies, A Brief Overview

Semi-trailer trucks are the largest vehicles on the road. Carrying anything from cars to food and more, they are the red blood cells of America. But what kinds of trucks are there, and who makes them? We’ll go over a couple of the manufacturers of trucks.

First, we have Kenworth. This company was established in 1912, under the name Gerlinger Motor Car Works. They were actually the first company to come up with the Cab-Over-Engine style of trucks, first designed in 1957.

Next is Peterbilt, based in Denton, Texas. This company was founded in 1939, by T.A. Peterman. It is worth noting that in the 2007 film Transformers, the Peterbilt model 379 is the body style used for Optimus Prime.

From Greensboro, North Carolina comes Mack Trucks, one of the most famous manufacturers of semi-trucks to date. The company was acquired by AB Volvo in 2001, although the company itself was founded in 1900. Mack also used to make many fire-fighting vehicles, including pumpers, tankers, and rescue trucks. That division was shut down in 1990, although many fire departments still use their vehicles today.

Freightliner Trucks, of Portland, Oregon, is the next big name on the list. Founded in 1942 as Freightliner, Inc., the company is now a part of Daimler Auto Group. Freightliner is the largest brand in heavy-duty trucks in the United States.

Now that you have a basic look of the trucks on the road, make sure you give such large vehicles the respect that they deserve. They transport much of the goods that are used, and keep America working hard.

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