Understanding Car Shipping B.O.L.’s

If you are shipping cars locally, internationally, or importing and exporting goods overseas, bill of ladings are a must to have. Both freight transportation and auto transport use bill of ladings (B.O.L.) to show proof of responsibility for the goods in transit. Two B.O.L’s should be provided by the transport company; one at pick and one at delivery. It is very important to look at the bill of lading at delivery to make sure there is no added damage to your load. This is to protect you from theft, damage, and mistakes that can happen to goods during transi

In the auto transport industry a bill of lading is a must for the car to be loaded and unloaded. When shipping a vehicle the driver will walk around the car to note the condition of the vehicle in case of damage and to protect you from false leads by the seller. Once the vehicle is loaded and arrives to the buyer, another walk around is done to release responsibility of the vehicle and for you to sign off that the car is in the same condition from when it was picked up.

On the freight side of transportation the bill of lading may take different forms depending on the goods and method of transport. When shipping overseas using a freight forwarder can help ensure the correct documents are in order. Make sure when shipping auto or freight that you get a B.O.L to show who has been responsible for the goods.

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