Used Cars Becoming Scarce, Buyers Buy Online and Ship Cars Home

Finding a cheap used car is becoming harder and harder these days. People are still buying cars, just not new ones. As local deals get scarce, buyers are forced to go further away from their home towns to find reliable and affordable used vehicles. It’s a good thing vehicle carriers are there to help them out.

Instead of hopping on a plane or train to pick up a car bought online, used car buyers are finding affordable vehicle carriers to bring the car home. The shrinking economy has brought down volume, so car hauling rates are also down. This lets buyers find the best deal, anywhere in the country, and have a vehicle carrier deliver the car to their doors.

The shortage is affecting dealerships as well. Auto dealers say cars are getting scarce because of the government Cash for Clunkers program and fewer trade ins. In the down economy, drivers are only buying a car out of absolute necessity. As a result, used car prices are up about $1,000 over last year. Some vehicles are nearly impossible to find, such as GMC pickup trucks that are only available for excessive prices.

Dealers are having difficulty even keeping lots stocked and are turning to the Internet to find used cars they can sell on their lots. The used car market is all that keeps some dealerships in business since new-car franchises have been terminated by many major car manufacturers. Dealers can buy at online auction and just press a button for a vehicle carrier to give him a shipping quote.

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