Vehicle Shipping Fleet Management Tool

Telogis Scalable Fleet Management Platform, Telogis Fleet 8, has a few new tricks to show vehicle transport firms of the United States of America. Telogis Fleet 8 is GPS fleet management software that incorporates the dynamic traffic and weather data to reroute or make real-time changes to the transport route of your vehicles, based on the environmental conditions of transport. Telogis Fleet 8’s new tricks include an International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFA)/International Registration Plan (IRP) data feed, keeping track of the histories of a fleet of transport vehicles, an imaging system that improves the safety of transport and a fuel card component that monitors and manages fuel cards. All of these new features have been built around a platform already offering car transport professionals a useful set of tools to help manage the vehicles of a transportation company, according to Telogis.

Telogis indicates that Telogis Fleet 8 integrates Telogis Route and Telogis Mobile into this new tool to create a complete platform for transport professionals that monitors the location, health, performance and security of your transport vehicles as they travel down the roads of America. Telogis also indicates that many transport professionals believe this new tool could help firms keep a handle on car shipping prices in the months and years ahead, which could help the bottom line of the firms implementing Telogis Fleet 8 in their business operations. Firms and drivers that want to check on Telogis Fleet 8 should contact Telogis directly, or their local dealer of Telogis products.

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