Vehicle Transport Can be Proud

Transport firms and drivers in the business of controlling auto shipping rates interested in stories of heroic truckers out on the roads and highways of America putting their lives on the line to help people in trouble will be interested in the latest truckers to be named Highway Angels by the Truckload Carriers Association. A husband and wife trucking team, Cliff and Wanda Humphrey, were recently named Truckload Carriers Association Highway Angels for stopping to help out at a fatal car crash in the mid-morning of July 19, 2010. Cliff was fast and grabbed a fire extinguisher to help put out the fire that had erupted after the crash, while Wanda got on the phone and called 911. A truly heroic partnership that probably saved a few lives on this day and certainly they make the auto transport and trucking industry as a whole proud after being named the latest Highway Angels of the United States to be recognized for their bravery while out on the roads and highways.

Sources around the trucking industry and business of controlling car shipping prices indicate that Cliff Humphrey is a seasoned truck driver who has in fact helped quite a few people during his 37 years of trucking. This kind of choice is something that Cliff has made before and to him it could be just the right thing to do, considering he has a habit of stopping to help people he sees in trouble out on the roads of North America. Still, this gentlemen and his partner should be proud of their choice on this day, and give themselves a little reward for being one of the millions of transport industry workers that care about other people in the world.

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