Vehicle Transport Improved with Fuel Treatment

Auto shipping firms all over the nation are always looking for new ways to increase truck performance and sometimes even the smallest things help.  A heavy duty diesel fuel treatment by Prolong Super Lubricants can improve their fleet operations and aids efficiency on the long road ahead.  Prolong Super Lubricants offers its Super Duty Diesel Fuel Treatment for heavy duty auto transport trucks operating on US roads.

This product was designed to significantly improve fuel mileage and performance that drivers get from their trucks while in the car shipping process.  While being a very cost-effective and reliable product, Prolong Super Lubricants Super Duty Diesel Fuel Treatment has been formulated with high-quality detergents that remove gunk, sludge and any deposits that might have built up from injectors.  The results are great and the product offers auto transport driver’s better fuel economy during transport and does away with most of that black smoke seen coming from the exhaust.  It also protects fuel systems from any type of corrosion and premature wearing of pumps and injectors, according to Prolong Super Lubricants professionals.

Prolong Super Lubricants Super Duty Diesel Fuel Treatment, as a bonus, meets the diesel fuel additive specifications for injectors cleanliness of Cummins L-10 and diesel fuel additive specs for corrosion protection of Cummins N-14. This is great news for companies trying to control car shipping prices during the long miles to be traveled on the roads.  

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