Vehicle Transport Night Time Tool

Transport firms and auto transport drivers out on the transport roads and highways of the United States of America after the sun goes down need a good lighting system to help them work safe while making sure the vehicles are delivered on time and budget. Truck-Lite has recently announced they have added white LED auxiliary lighting options to their popular line of safety lights, in the form of round and rectangular work lamps perfect for providing vehicle shipping drivers out on the roads and highways taking cars to destination with the light they need to get the job done safely, according to the people over at Truck-Lite.

Transport drivers operating car carriers using Truck-Lite work lamps on the job indicate that Truck-Lite work lamps include a polycarbonate lens, aluminum housing and multi-volt function ability that allows operation from 9-36 volts in just about any operating environment transport drivers will experience out on the roads and highway of the United States. Truck-Lite indicates that this new product will be well accepted by transport drivers and firms during the miles ahead and along with the price for their work lamps, should make this new offering one of the more popular choices on the market.

Drivers and transport firms that would like to check out Truck-Lite’s new white LED auxiliary lighting options should contact the company directly for more information, or drop by a local dealer of Truck-Lite work lamps to see what they have on hand. This could be your chance to find a work lamp that will help you work safer at night and keep you on the road taking vehicles to destination during the years ahead.

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