What is a Car Shipping Broker?

In the car shipping industry, there are a couple types of vehicle transport companies: auto brokers and car carriers.  Auto carriers are the asset based companies (the trucks themselves), and if you choose to deal directly with a carrier you have to be extremely careful about what price they initially offer and the timeline in which you are given.  Carriers tend to raise the price on specific routes and often take longer than needed to complete the vehicle shipment.  They are also limited to certain routes and times needed to make prompt deliveries.  If there are only a few trucks within their fleet, the auto carrier cannot be in many places at a time.  So, in short, it may be weeks before they can accommodate you automobile transport.  Another typical issue with dealing directly with a carrier is the communication barrier because drivers aren’t the most prompt with answering or returning phone calls while driving.

Car shipping brokerages are great for customer service.  They keep the prices where they need to be so that customers are getting the best bang for their buck.  They have access to a multitude of carriers that they have special relationships with, the nation over.  The car shipping broker will also handle all of the paperwork and money for you, so that you only have to deal with your specific agent and not several different people.  The broker then pays the carrier contracted to deliver the vehicle and then all is well because the broker is then in control of the driver.  Car shipping brokers do extensive research on each and every carrier used to make informed decisions on which carrier to use.  They match up insurance cargo policies to ensure the customer that the vehicle will be fully covered for its entire value.  The broker is the happy medium between the customer and the drivers so there are no hiccups along the way and all headaches are relieved. 

Also, car shipping brokerages will give you the much needed information for your specific needs.  Transport can be a scary world and brokers are only here to help get the job done in the most efficient and hassle-free manner.  N-Motion Auto Transport is a little different than all of the other fish in the sea.  You can literally call any time of day and speak with a live person.  Let’s face it, the customer service industry is getting worse every day because of all the bad apples out there, but rest assured, N-Motion is taking a leap in the positive direction by changing both industries for the best.  

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