Where’s the plan to repair N.Y.’s roads and bridges?

There could be major accidents in New York because the state is spending less money to fix its highways and bridges. This possibility might be seen because of the analysis that was seen in the records of the state Department of Transportation. A plan to fix these bridges needs to be decided by Governor Andrew Cuomo and state lawmakers. Car haulers would then be able to maneuver easily through the crowded cities. This would make auto shipping a more efficient means of open vehicle transportation than it already is. A five-year DOT plan that would have spent $26 billion for repairs was rejected by the 2009 Democratic- controlled state Legislature. About 80 percent of that money has been spent, and the state needs $250 billion in order to maintain its transportation and water systems. About $80 billion of that amount is unfunded. Sen. Chuck Schumer thinks that a National Infrastructure Bank to help states fund road and bridge projects should be created. However, the problem is that state and federal governments are financially stretched but if local governments were required to help with maintenance cost it could fix the problem. This is a good time for Cuomo and the state Legislature to come up with a solution to make the bridges and roads of New York stronger.

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