Who Uses Auto Transport?

Auto Transport can be done by anyone needing to move a car. If you are being relocated due to your job,have purchased a car in another state, or you are just moving to another area. Anyone can utilize auto transport.

Here are a few other types of people that use auto transport:

Military servicemen, too, utilize auto shipping services. Since the military can only ship one of their vehicles, and many servicemen (and women) have families with multiple vehicles, it falls on them to ship a car with a car shipping company. Many companies offer a military discount, so if you’re in the military be sure to ask different companies if they offer military discounts, and always remember to shop around – you don’t want to book with the first company you see.

Professional athletes use car transport as well. Before and after the season to get their cars from their homes to the players teams city. Spring training,preseason, summer leagues. Athletes often like to have their personal vehicles wherever they are at. An auto transport broker/company can help with the logistics of this need.

Dealerships also use vehicle shipping, to utilize car shipping companies and services, mainly because of the fact that they can get a better deal on shipping multiple cars with someone else rather than the manufacturer, and in many cases this is true. Independent companies often have lower prices than the manufacturer because they’re able to provide cheaper services due to the way they operate. Brokerages can get cheap prices because they aren’t tied down to certain trucks and certain routes, meaning they can shop around to get you the best prices on shipping your vehicle.

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