Wireless Technology & Car Carriers

Transport drivers in the business of great auto transport reviews will be interested in the latest news concerning the wireless technology implemented by the transport industry of the United States of America. United States Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has recently announced through the department’s Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA) the Connected Vehicle Technology Challenge. A new national competition looking for new ideas on how to best use the wireless technology currently available to help connect the transport vehicles of America. In order to try to make the transport industry safer, reduce the carbon wheel-print of the transport trucks on the roads, and make the job of vehicle shipping drivers easier to accomplish during the miles ahead, according to sources.

RITA is looking for ideas for products or applications that implement Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC), an advanced wireless technology, similar to WiFi, but much faster and more secure, according to sources. This communications system can apparently transmit basic messages, like alerts about up coming accident scenes, or roadway obstructions on the route ahead, from one vehicle transport to another in a fraction of a second. The spectrum implemented with the DSRC technology has also been allocated for use by the transport industry of America by the Federal Communications Commission, according to people close to this news.

The Connected Vehicle Technology Challenge is open to all inventors and innovators that have an idea they would like to pass on, including people not directly involved in the transport industry of the United States of America. This could be your chance to go down in history as the inventor of an idea that transformed the transport industry of the United States and the world during the years ahead.

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