Women of the Car Transport Industry

Professional women working in the car shipping industry of the United States will be happy to hear that members of Women in Trucking’s advisory committee met recently with TravelCenters of America President and CEO, Tom O’Brien, to talk about a few things that will interest them. Sources indicate that Tom O’Brien wants to better understand the issues and needs of the women in trucking, when they’re out on the roads of the United States of America, and listening and talking to the women of transport is probably just the first step in his plans to understand the women of trucking, using TravelCenter’s Driver Council format. The professional women of trucking on hand included independent women contractors and professional women working in the transport industry of America.

What kind of things were the women of trucking and professionals at TravelCenters of America talking about? The women of the vehicle shipping industry wanted to talk about things like safety in the rest areas they use, the availability and usage of towers and showers, and other issues for about two hours according to reports. The ladies were also on hand to compliment the company on the changes they have already made to make their trucking life easier, when out on the roads and highways of the United States, and for treating them with the respect all transport professionals in America deserve.

There appears to be a few smart individuals over at TravelCenters of America that have noticed an opportunity and have implemented changes to take advantage of the opportunity they see. At the same time they are providing the growing population of women truckers, and auto transport professionals, with the things they need when out on the roads of North America.

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