Dubai Dubai Doo, A War on Clunkers in the Gulf

One of the international news items of the day is the pending debt default of Dubai World, a large state-owned development company in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai has become the financial and economy hub of the Persian Gulf area and has plenty of high-rollers. Dubai’s royal family is a major player in the horse-racingRead More

Truck Companies, A Brief Overview

Semi-trailer trucks are the largest vehicles on the road. Carrying anything from cars to food and more, they are the red blood cells of America. But what kinds of trucks are there, and who makes them? We’ll go over a couple of the manufacturers of trucks. First, we have Kenworth. This company was established inRead More

A Tesla IPO?

There might be a market for some of those old Dubai cars; they had severe flooding in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on Wednesday; at least 3000 cars were swept away in the flooding per this Saudi Gazette article. That is very surprising, since we usually think of Saudi Arabia as a desert, but even desert areasRead More

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